After putting the desktop web in the rear view mirror in Q2 2011, and eclipsing television in Q4 2014, the smartphone and its apps have cemented their position as the top media channel, growing the time spent on the device by the average consumer. Lucid’s PowerXtend is the Android de-facto standard in extending the smartphone operating time between charges, hence facilitating more time spend on the device.  PowerXtend increases mobile operating time by up to 20% and reduces heat dissipation.

PowerXtend runs transparently when apps are used. Its software engines dynamically optimize CPU/GPU computational load and reduce power consumption in social, gaming, browsing and navigation apps while maintaining excellent user experience.

PowerXtend integrates within the Android graphics framework, making real-time decisions based on content and context. Consequently, it reduces the heat emitted from the device in high usage.

With fewer stops for charging, PowerXtend increases device mobility and offers a better user-experience compared to other power saving solutions. Its patent-pending technology provides device manufacturers with a superior power saving system. Flexible and powerful API and controls enable maximal customization of the end-user experience.

PowerXtend has been integrated in over 160M devices.  Available as a ‘private label’ solution, it allows device manufacturers to offer their users a complete energy management solution.

PowerXtend bridges the gap between mobile hardware limitations and the increasing mobile content use