PowerXtend is the De-Facto standard for Android power-saving software. But don’t take our word for it. Here you can see these real-life references for power-savings on devices using PowerXtend.


China Battery Life Challenge 2016 

In the January 2016 Flagship Smartphones Battery Life Challenge in China, the Meizu PRO5 with PowerXtend was the last device running after all other screens went dark. The PRO5 is the first device to integrate PowerXtend version 3.5, the PowerXtend version that introduces the groundbreaking, patented, ICE power saving engine.

Test conditions and scenario:

  • Play game “Need for Speed”
  • Display brightness 150 nits
  • Airplane mode
  • 100% battery
  • Sound muted

PowerXtend crosses 150 million installations

Debuted in 2013 and already built into more than 150 million licensed Android devices, PowerXtend makes your phone battery last up to 20 percent longer when you’re using the most battery-draining applications: chatting, gaming, multimedia browsing and navigating.


PowerXtend Social with PowerXtend Touch Running


PowerXtend is both content and context aware.  The contextual PowerXtend Touch technology guarantees smooth and uninterrupted experience when users directly interact with the device.  Touch enables native user experience when the one interacts with the device and reduced power when running video and graphics.

PowerXtend Reduces CPU Temp When Apps are Running

PowerXtend’s device temperature reduction depends mainly on the platform’s hardware, usage scenarios and apps. Temperature measurement is integrated to Lucid’s integration process and temperature could also serve as PowerXtend Trigger Point which is configurable by the device manufacturer.

Sample Devices and Applications Test Results: