Lucid’s C-Trinity architecture manages all aspects of power savings on the Android device. It combines the three C pillars that together constitute the full power saving suite for the device.


CORE – this is Lucid’s fundamental innovation. The CORE is comprised of multiple proprietary and patented power saving engines. The Iris engine is the newest addition to PowerXtend CORE, providing superior user experience while reducing power consumption across all types of content and applications. PowerXtend CORE engines make real-time decisions based on content and context. The proprietary algorithms optimize CPU/GPU/Display computational load which results in lower power consumption.

CONTENT – PowerXtend is optimized for a variety of content types to support power saving for the most commonly used application – Gaming, Social, Web browsing and Navigation. PowerXtend addresses content dynamically and transparently. The PowerXtend solution has minimal memory footprint, straight forward integration and allows for live adjustment using the Dynamic Tuning mechanism. Embedded in the Modules is PowerXtend Touch which adds another facet to enhancing user experience, intelligently detecting the user’s activity. Overall, PowerXtend manages content in order extend battery time by up to 20% according to content.

CONTROL – is the application layer that allows full control over PowerXtend.  The CONTROL layer is divided into a Java API and an Android application.


PowerXtend is the de-facto standard in mobile energy management.
The fully customizable package, maximizes device power savings while maintaining the best user-experience possible.
The suite guaranties smooth integration into the Android infrastructure and maximum customization options for the device vendor.