The patent pending PowerXtend product suite optimizes CPU/GPU computational load which results in lower power consumption in your smartphone. It addresses content dynamically in social networking, gaming, browsing and navigation apps. The PowerXtend API enables the device maker to optimally manage the user experience. PowerXtend apps have minimal memory footprint providing for straightforward integration.



  • Up to 15% more battery time when using social networking, IM, playing games and navigating with your smartphone


  • PowerXtend works transparently and flawlessly with all leading popular apps



  • PowerXtend Iris defaults save power across a variety of content types


  • PowerXtend can be fully customizable to enhance user experience and to adapt to the smartphone hardware conifguration



  • PowerXtend saves power by intelligently allocating processing resources that balance the application requirements and the user-experience


  • PowerXtend energy-saving helps extend your battery life and reduces the heat released from the device




  • PowerXtend can be configured with PowerXtend Touch technology for enhanced user experience


  • PowerXtend comes with over 500 tested games