Software improves power efficiency and extends the mobile experience from a single battery charge

Natanya, Israel-November 11, 2013 Lucidlogix® (Lucid) today announced the first in its new series of power efficiency software products for smartphones, tablets and other Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices.  GameXtend™ lengthens mobile play time when using 2D and 3D games providing more power capacity. GameXtend will allow a standard smartphone to run games with up to two to three additional hours of play time from a single charge*.

GameXtend is ‘power-aware’ software that uses state-of-the-art algorithms to reduce power draw in real time to extend play time and reduce app interruption. Additionally, GameXtend mitigates other typical battery management functions like screen brightness and voltage utilization, thereby keeping the device cool and comfortable. Marking Lucid’s first handset design win, the highly-anticipated Samsung GALAXY Note 3, integrates GameXtend to maximize its mobile experience.

“Power management continues to be an important factor when it comes to consumer device satisfaction,” said Hyung-Moon Noh, vice president of Samsung Technology Alliance Group. “Technologies such as Lucid’s GameXtend software allow us to leverage the fastest processors with the high-resolution screens, while insuring a fully-immersive, seamless and uninterrupted smartphone experience.

GameXtend is a fusion of newly-developed, patent-pending technologies combined with select existing patented Lucid notebook and desktop PC software technologies that can be found in tens of millions of systems today. The software is designed with mobile-specific ARM and Android architectural support and is title-agnostic. GameXtend has been tested to work with hundreds of popular 2D, 3D and casual games.

“Recognizing the benefits of GameXtend, Samsung provided us with support and resources to help us rapidly bring the software to market with the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3,” said Offir Remez, founder and vice president business development of Lucid. “With GameXtend and other power extending software solutions from Lucid, mobile vendors can provide an enhanced mobile experience today that is still far off in terms of power and charging hardware technologies.”

GameXtend is available for integration into Android devices. Interested manufacturers may contact for more information.

About Lucidlogix
Lucidlogix Solutions (, headquartered in Israel, develops technology for mobile software implementation that dramatically improves graphics performance, while reducing power consumption. Lucid’s mission is to satisfy the global demand for more performance and longer mobility experience by expanding proprietary algorithms and software technologies to handhelds, tablets, Smartphone’s and the Cloud. Lucid’s Virtu MVP, Virtual Vsync, HyperFormance and the underlining technologies have redefined the gaming experience with improved responsiveness, accelerated frame rates and eliminated visual artifacts.



* Tests on top Google Play games with Galaxy S4, Android 4.3


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