PowerXtend ICE Technology

Extending play time by 10-15% without frame rate drop for all mobile games

PowerXtend ICE is a patented software technology that extends Android devices battery life while providing a smooth user experience. Employing advanced graphics processing algorithms, the ICE delivers a superior user experience without impact to the native frame-rate (FPS) of the applications running on the device by dynamically changing the rendering resolution of apps, while they are running. PowerXtend ICE is the world’s first technology of its type to offer the ability to dynamically tune the power saving without requiring the user to shut-down or restart running apps in order to optimize performance. PowerXtend ICE is integral to PowerXtend starting at version 3.5.

Designed for easy integration for Android device by the manufacturers (OEMs), and targeted mainly for gaming apps due to the complexity of graphics load, PowerXtend ICE delivers 10%-15% of extra playing time when integrated on a device.  Compatible with any type of game, PowerXtend ICE is pre-tested and qualified on over 500 top games. In addition to gaming, the ICE engine may also be custom tailored by device OEMs to optimize other types of applications.

PowerXtend ICE offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing for continuous control over the saving parameter and resulting performance.

PowerXtend Dynamic Tuning

 Introduced in version 3.5, Dynamic Tuning is a new PowerXtend feature that enables setting and fine-tuning PowerXtend configuration during device runtime. The Dynamic Tuning feature enables OEMs to perform most configuration and fine-tuning updates of PowerXtend through a simple API and without requiring an OTA firmware update or device reboot.

The Dynamic Tuning API further enables OEMs to offer to their users an innovative interface that includes fine-grained control over PowerXtend performance or even individual application performance. Such a user interface may be integrated into the device ‘Settings’ menu or into a dedicated app.

Lucid offers a comprehensive reference design for the Dynamic Tuning API, including a sample app that demonstrates the API capabilities and may be fully customized by the OEM. The sample app shows a range of interface options, from a simple set of controls for the average user, to a comprehensive, full featured interface for the advanced user. Comprehensive documentation of the Java API for Dynamic Tuning is also available to customers.