PowerXtend is an innovative technology that increases mobile device operating times when the display of the mobile device is activated. PowerXtend is designed to provide a quality user experience when graphical applications are used on the device, while extending the battery life. Lucid’s PowerXtend product suite offers products optimized for various types of content and graphics processing.

For more details on the PowerXtend technology, please refer to the PowerXtend Whitepaper.

Mobile graphics intensive applications are characterized by two opposing trends. On one hand, device manufacturers strive to manufacture compelling and competitive devices and constantly integrate new technologies and techniques targeted at improving device performance and power management. On the other hand, application software developers typically attempt to target the broadest range of devices and often develop software for the lowest common denominator. Specifically, the highest priority for graphics-intensive application software is to achieve the best user-experience and performance on a wide array of devices.

The PowerXtend architecture allows powerful control of graphics resources while accessing broad analysis of application content and context in order to provide a smooth user experience.

While many modern mobile devices employ very advanced power management techniques, these techniques are heavily underused by application software developers. The PowerXtend solution targets the gap between device capabilities and application software efficiency to deliver improved battery life for device users. PowerXtend combines a context-aware engine with real-time analysis of graphics command stream and controls the amount of graphics resources allocated to graphical applications. Relying on these techniques, PowerXtend achieves maximal power saving without compromising the user-experience, allowing high-frame rates for responsiveness in critical moments such as a game action scene and minimizing graphics resource usage when possible.

To further refine the PowerXtend experience, PowerXtend offers an advanced automatic power state control mechanism. This enables OEM customers to control PowerXtend behavior in their devices. For example, integrators may choose to activate PowerXtend when battery level goes below a certain level, or when device temperature rises when using a graphics intensive application.