PowerXtend Touch Technology

The patent-pending PowerXtend Touch™ technology reduces device power consumption without an impact to the user-experience. PowerXtend Touch enables smooth user-experience in a variety of applications such as social networking, web browsers and navigation software.

For more details on the PowerXtend Touch technology, please refer to the PowerXtend Touch Whitepaper.

The Touch technology complements the PowerXtend solution by greatly improving the user-experience in dynamic scenarios when the user interacts with the device. PowerXtend Touch technology combines real-time analysis of the user-experience when an app is running with measurements to identify device interaction. Using a proprietary algorithm, Touch accurately identifies, in real-time, events during which the user-experience may degrade and adjusts the PowerXtend power saving mechanism accordingly. The result is a smooth, flowing experience while maximizes the achieved power save.

As mobile apps are becoming more multifaceted, numerous scenarios and use-cases appear. A typical social networking platform, for example, may offer the following: Text messaging, animated icons, multimedia messaging, viewing pictures, playing games and many more… Each of these scenarios is affected differently by software power saving mechanisms and use of these mechanisms results in varying user-experience when these are applied. Moreover, when a power saving mechanism such as limiting the frame rate of CPU frequency is applied, it is usually not aware of the currently running app.

PowerXtend Touch analyzes the currently running app in real-time. Inputs for analysis are factors that affect the user-experience as well as information on user-device interaction. PowerXtend Touch is thus able to distinguish events and scenarios in which the device is required to be more responsive or cases in which user-experience may be negatively impacted by power saving mechanisms. By analyzing in real-time the user-device interaction, PowerXtend optimizes the user-experience while achieving a significant battery life improvement.